The Home Depot Internship

May 2017 - Present | Enterprise User Experience Design Intern

An Overview

The Logistics

  • UX Intern in Supply Chain Logistics May 2017 - August 2017
  • Systems Engineering Intern providing guidance on design in immersive tech August 2017 - May 2018
  • UX Intern in Merchandising in the area of Pricing May 2018 - August 2018
  • Part Time UX Intern in Merchandising in the area of Pricing August 2018 - Present

My Role

  • UX Designer and Researcher on a balanced product team (UX, Software Engineering, Product Management)
  • Responsible for application Usability and UI
  • Facilitated research and design activities for the team
  • Conducted user validations, user interviews, and formal lab usability testing
  • Collaborated with other User Experience Designers to develop a motion design style guide for our product spaces
  • Followed The Home Depot visual style guide


I've had the privilege of working with Home Depot since May of 2017. I work specifically on Enterprise applications, or those associate facing. This experience has made me empathetic to the core problems our users face. I also can firmly say I don't design for myself. Infact I design for the people who sit in the building next to me. This opportunity has allowed me to focus heavily on the user, they are just an elevator ride away!

I've Implemented Solutions that:

  • Encourage Product Managers to quickly request work from another team, and accept work into their own backlog instead of an email chain
  • Allow Merchandise Planners to check on their current, upcoming, and future retails replacing a 60 column excel spreadsheet
  • Reshape the way we communicate with vendors by exploring Virtual Reality as a tool for communicating scale and size in our Supply Chain
  • Encourage associates to explore new fields of interest inside and outside their traditional domain

My Takeaways

The internship has been a continuous growing experience. I have learned product design, and it's place in the Enterprise world. I consider myself lucky to have been able to continue this work through my graduate semesters.

I had the opportunity to work with another intern group as a liaison for UX.
Working through an alignment meeting on a recent project. Journey maps were created to help showcase the problem area at a high level.
It has been a fantastic experience, and I have met some incredible UXers along the way.

Next Work
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